The season moment

Served daily from 12:00 to 14:30

  • the vegetable garden
    9 €
    "Salmorejo: cold tomato soup emulsified with olive oil, basil, garlic and bread. Served chilled, with grated hard-boiled egg and Brési du Tuyé.
  • The chicken coop
    10 €
    organic perfect egg, shallot confit with red wine, mushroom duxelles, garlic cream, bread tuile and young shoots
  • The snail farm
    13 €
    In a nem, Comtois snails and Morteau sausage flambéed with Pontarlier wine, pickles and Comté cream. "Plat référencé au Gault & Millau 2024" (dish listed in Gault & Millau 2024)
  • The stable
    28 €
    Low-temperature chuck of Comtois beef, confit then glazed with sage jus, panisse fries and glazed carrots
  • The barnyard
    26 €
    Pressed cordon bleu, mashed potatoes and poultry juice with mustard
  • The river
    30 €
    Bonnevaux (25) trout steak, low-temperature confit with lemongrass/ginger oil, sweet potato purée and pucks, rice potato chips and beet pickles
  • The forest
    28 €
    Pan-fried Risotto with Morels and Yellow Wine, Comté cheese flakes, parsley oil
  • The creamery
    11 €
    Selection of mature cheeses and homemade cancoillotte with garlic and vin jaune.
  • The bean
    9 €
    Dark chocolate cream with tonka bean, peanut brownies, cocoa crunch and yogurt ice cream
  • The orchard
    9 €
    Candied apple in cider syrup, apple compote with lime, hazelnut crumble with Muscovsado sugar and green apple ice cream (Cooking time ~10min)
  • Ice cream maker
    Glaces artisanales de Charlotte - Made in Besançon.
  • Ice cream
    3 €
    Yoghurt - Stracciatella - Caramel - Coffee - Vanilla - Pistachio - Milk chocolate, dark shavings. Price per ball
  • Sorbet
    3 €
    Strawberry - Raspberry - Lemon - Apple - Passion. Price per ball

The child moment

Served daily from 12:00 to 14:30

  • in two steps
    12 €
  • first instance
    Cube of homemade cordon bleu OR trout steak. Topping: mashed potatoes
  • second time
    1 Ice Cream Scoop of your choice (See La Sorbetière)

All our meats are of French origin and for the most part Franc-Comtoise. Our rates are communicated with service included.