Our partners / suppliers

In short circuits

Our passion for good food means above all a careful selection of local, organic and seasonal produce. Here are some of the players who share our commitment to providing you with more sustainable food on a daily basis.

Boulangerie Amiot

All our breads and baguettes are made daily at Boulangerie Amiot (25-Saône)

Charlotte's whims

Our ice creams and sorbets are made by an artisan ice-cream maker (25-Besançon)

Fruitière du Mont Rivel

Most of our cheeses come from a cheese cooperative (39-Champagnole).

gy mountains garden

Most of our fruit and vegetables come from Jardin Bio des Monts de Gy (70-Gy).

Le Tuyé de Mesandans

Our cured meats – ham and Morteau sausage – are made by Le Tuyé de Mesandans (25-Mesandans).

Robbe House

The snails in our signature dish come from the Maison Robbe breeding farm (25-Jougne).

The chevillotte breeders

Our meats are raised and slaughtered by farmers at La Chevillotte (25-Besançon).

La cave d'hugo

The majority of our wine list has been created in collaboration with La Cave D’Hugo (25-Besançon).

Somewhere Coffee

Our coffees are roasted and extracted by the passionate team at Somewhere Coffee (70-Montot).